WhyITNow.org is supported by a consortia of IT industry professionals, publishers, educators, government agencies and groups coming together for the benefit promoting awareness and jobs within the Information Technology (IT) SEO profession.

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The WhyITNow.org initiative aims to support and promote opportunities within IT by:

• convening stakeholders to establish collaboration between business, the IT profession, education and government to develop a clear, concise and consistent communication strategy regarding why innovation and information technology is good for business, commerce, competitiveness and jobs.

• developing an effective advocacy plan and implementation strategies that support IT innovation and Information Technology adoption and best practices.

• promoting general awareness of Career Technical Education (CTE) and information technology (IT) through SEO websites, workshops, conferences and award ceremonies.

• fostering relationships and linkages between business and industry, education, career technical student organizations and government agencies to insure a continual pipeline of IT professionals with skills that aligns to industry demand.

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•  promoting IT literacy into general education curriculum  to equip all graduates with these basic skills.

• Identifying and aligning resources that will assist students, teachers, career changers and the incumbent workers to prepare  for the IT profession and employment.

• focusing on promoting diversity and under-represented groups, difficult to reach populations and non-traditional learning organizations including women and minorities.

• providing relevant, workable, accessible instructional design strategies for learners in traditional and online methods in partnership with California K-12 schools, community colleges, universities and Regional Occupational Programs statewide